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Tips For Size:【XS】Very small, please choose carefully【S】Slightly small, popular choice【M】 Most common size【L】Quite large nails


1. What are Handmade press-on nails? Handmade Press-on nails are artificial nails that come with adhesive backing, allowing for easy application and removal without the need for glue. Handmade Press on nails are using the same process as we did nails in salon, it is different from those you bought from supermarkets or temu etc..

2. How do I choose my size?

Option 1: you can refer to our size chart to measure your size (only the thumb is enough).

Option 2: if you have  used any brand press on nails you can check the thumb nail, there is a number on the bottom of the nail.  #3 is XS, #2 is S #1 is M and #0 is L

Option 3: if you have not  used or you do not want to measure by yourself, you can order the one you like as we have 30 days free size change policy. (Advice: mostl people are suit for S or M)

Meanwhile you can also contact us by email or through social media(Instagram) leave a note with your order number we would give a nail size sample for you for free.


3. How long do press-on nails last? The longevity of press-on nails varies, but they typically last anywhere from a few days to two weeks, depending on factors like the daily activities. For how to wear properly, please follow our INS for video guide and shares.

4. Can I reuse press-on nails? nails are designed for multi-time use. Please save them carefully if you want to re-use it.


5. How do I apply press-on nails? Clean your natural nails, apply the adhesive, and press the artificial nails onto your own nails. Follow the provided instructions for the best results.

Video Guide:


6. Are press-on nails safe for natural nails? It is actully most safe for your natural nails as the nail gels are not touched your own nails. But please avoid harsh removal methods to prevent damage.


7. How do I remove press-on nails? Soak your nails in warm, soapy water to loosen the adhesive, then gently peel or lift the press-on nails from the sides. Do not force them off to avoid damaging your natural nails.


8. Can I use press-on nails with nail polish? Yes, you can apply nail polish over press-on nails to achieve your desired color or design. Ensure the polish is fully dry before applying the press-on nails.

9. Are press-on nails suitable for special occasions? Absolutely! Press-on nails are a convenient and stylish option for special events, providing a quick and glamorous manicure without the time and cost of a salon visit.

10. Can I shower or swim with press-on nails? While press-on nails are water-resistant, prolonged exposure to water may reduce their longevity. It's advisable to dry your nails thoroughly after water activities.

    Pink night
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