In today's beauty industry, people seeking beauty often find themselves in a dilemma: should they choose cheap machine-made artificial nails or expensive salon manicures? Our Nextwave handmade nails is dedicated to breaking this dilemma by offering perfect wearable nails that combine affordability and quality.

We understand that everyone's pursuit of beauty is unique. Therefore, we are committed to creating wearable nail products that meet a variety of needs. We carefully select high-quality materials and employ salon manicure techniques in crafting each product to ensure their quality and durability. Whether it's a classic minimalistic look or a trendy fashion statement, our wearable nails cater to your aesthetic preferences.

To ensure the best fitting experience, we provide detailed size charts for your reference and encourage you to measure your nails for accurate size selection. If you still feel uncertain, we offer test products, allowing you to personally try and experience the best-fitting size for perfect nail adhesion.

As an emerging brand, we prioritize customer needs and satisfaction. We not only offer high-quality products but also value communication and feedback from our customers. We welcome you to share your thoughts and opinions with us, helping us continuously improve and innovate.

We believe that perfectly manicured nails bring confidence and beauty. Therefore, our brand promise is to provide you with the finest wearable nail products that liberate you from the dilemma of choosing between affordability and quality.

Join our brand and experience the perfect fusion of beauty and perfection!